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3:38 p.m. - 2001-08-23
Last night I said to Hannah you are a fucking bitch...she did not want me to listen to Moby the things that makes me urged to say that is because she asked me to listen to a beatles cd this morning because she wanted to see something...i tried to help her last night...everytime daddy talked i said ,"You can talk..." and she was blinking alot even thogh her eyes were closed... the amount of control daddy has over ahnnah is scary but my first day back to boston told me that hannah somehow likes it...but it scares me to the point that hannah would shoot me rather than daddy if daddy asked her to shoot me... When I asked hannah what happened this morning in front of mommmy (or shirley ) david said...Hannah and went into her room and tried to close the door....I think Hannah represents what daddy does not want to be so he tries to control her....because when i opened the door and siad "hannah" daddy got REALLY en-angered and said that I was demoned possesed and doing some hypnotic stuff...shirley while lying in bed last night picked her toe...i have not seen her do that since I came back to boston...



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