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7:26 a.m. - 1990-08-27
a dream
I had the realest dream last night:

Dadddy was on a bus and i was sitting on a chair and he was standing at the front holding on to the bar blocking the door and the bus was riding noonwe was there driving it i guess he was driving it and there were these two men standing where the three seats usually are at the front of the bus and were telling him that he is hypocrisy and sin and he got upset and whenever i folded my leg he got upset and then he got so upset (i feel like i am a witness or that i have been a witness to the "mental' and physcial crimes of this family calle the Brooks family and it intiate dkilling in daddy to kill me)_ so he proceeded to make the bus fall of the edge of a cliff it was like he could control where the bus went with his mind and then all of a sudeen i was afraid he was going to delete my web page of mine adn he was like going to kill me or soemthing. and then i had dreamt earlier that ethan was giving me a prgoram at church with the word seal or seomthing on it and before i had been sitting in the second seat of the cuhrch on the left and then beofre that elder gouldbourne had called me and said Lydia you need a psychiatrist...but the last dream daddy had locked his hands iwth mine and i was pushing against his handds and he was like "i am going to run you girl" and of course I woke up motherfucking cursing the faggot to hear him talking to Shirley like before i came to is osmething how this family has changed that i nolonger seem to the completelyh soul and alone witness to their mental criminalities and physical criminalities.



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