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1:52 p.m. - 2001-08-29
Jungle Girl
Oh well, my breath tastes like the salad i just ate at lunch which was very interesting because i saw two people talking that did not want to be with each other and the lady scared me and then there was a man who feard the woman would take his food...maybe figuratively speaking. And now I am caught in a laboratory with a man named Soundar who is trying to bother me and it bothers up my killing instincts.

Man, this world is an animal. But anyway what else the things I see in People. I wish I was Antonius he is SO cool because he is gay he loves men i love women too...they are pretty somehow. This is sounding like a weird entry though because it is so flighty but that is fine that is just ok and well. I do not want to stand that man named SOundar Anymore.

I was just wondering what kind of a bitch was i in grade school. oh well. oh well oh well.

Well let me continue this entry with the fact that I wish that I could go away and live off in a jungle and stay with the animals.



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