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6:14 p.m. - 2001-08-29
*Event on the Train*
Ok, just let me write this down. One morning when I was on the train going to work I believe I saw a man most likely from the Mid-West or West or Texas or something exclaiming how UNBELIEVABLY CUTE!!! these 5 little black girls were. I saw him. I saw him. He was a vicious man in "real life" as they say. There was something un-deniably revealing about his overemphasizing the cuteness of the little girls. Maybe the fact that he would kidnap them to perform brutal and 'immoral' acts on them. But that is only 'part of the story'.

The thing that frightened me was that there was a black boy of the stature of Jonathan (a 'fat' black boy) sitting across from me and one seat away from the man. The boy looked on as the man exclaimed about the girls without blinking once...he did not see a thing...he didn't see him...he did not see the vicious man.If the man had wanted to his timing in terms of his focus of negativity (to kidnap or do whatever else he willed) to the girls would out do the boy's ability to track the negativity because the boy was a stature of un-knowingness and involuntary lapse. This involuntary laspe and relaxed dreamy state is what makes people targets of (i could say criminals, rapists, serial killers, faggots and biggots)...well...people. That is the problem .

There are too many split messages in society and even though humans do maintain a high level of order in most of the things they do the result of many of their mass actions are chatostrophic, chaotic, and usually, innately, fatal. The irony of it was they way the boy lost the look that he had while looking at the man and the girls when he looked at me (a 'crazy human'). He blinked when he looked at me and a fleeting look of fear crossed his face. What a mixed message. A negative graced as a positive and a positive graced as a negative. Sadly, so sadly, the negative=negative in many cases with humans...but sadly can't be is innate-after all...



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