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8:56 a.m. - 2001-08-31
The Things I Likied
Bladdy Bladdy Bladdy Bladdy.

These are some of the things I like(d):

(1)"I see ma self in the pourin' home I watch the light come over me, I see ma self in the pourin' rain, I watch hope come over me (he he he he...)HERE we are now goin' to the East Side-I pick up my friends and we start to ride, ride all night yeah we ride all day, watchin' out for a sunny day......."

(2)Dun-dun ( think i'm goin' for a walk now) dun-dunn ( feelin' a little unsteady) dun-dunn ( don't want nobody followin' me)-duun dun ( 'cept maybe you) dun-dunn ( I'll make you happy you know) dun-dunn ( If you weren't already) dun-dunn ( I can do a lotta things) dun-dun (...and I do...)......dun dun dun dun dunnn dun dun dun dun dun dunn dun dun dun dun ( to tell you the truth I prefer the worst in you) ( to bad you had to have a better half)...( she's not really my type, but I think you to are forever)...( I hate to say it-but you're purr-fect to gether)...SO FU-UK-CK YOU!...(dun dun) A-AND your untouchable face and FU-UCK you...for existing in the FIRST place and who am I ...that I should be vying for your touch and who am I...I bettcha can't even tell me that much....2:30 in the morning ma gas tank will be empty soon, neon sign on the horizon rubbing elbows with the moon safe haven of sleepless with deep-fryers always on-the radio is countin' down the top 20 country songs and out on the porch the fly strip is wavin' like a flag in the wind, ya know I don't look for a word of seeing you'll look like a foto-graph of your self-taken' from FA-R FAR i won know what to do an i won know what to say excep FU-UK-CK youuuu!! an--d your untouchable face and FU-UK-CK you for existing in the first place and WHO AM I that I should be vying for your touch (say) who am I --I betcha can't even tell me that much...."

(3) Eating chips

(4)Not doing one hell drop of mother freaking work

(5)Being bitchy ( I guess you could say now that everything's gonna be ambiguous thats what I was being in human's terms)

(6)Going to and hoping he would say something to me and really liking him and thinking he might like me

(7)Thinking about Moby everyday and how he was

(8) Not thinking about Tam or anything

(9)Not going to church

(10)Walking around and around and around and around

(11) "Breaking"...oh hell..."Cracking" the friggin' Sabbath (12)Walkin' around and around and around and around ....i will add more later (?????)



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