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12:34 p.m. - 1990-10-15
~~I like my crunchy-grunge bracelet...oh objectivity!!! ~~~
I feel somewhat out of control and on my own, well because I am ...I'm on my own in everything I do...and I enjoy that mostly I will enjoy that I will enjoy that...what else...yeah I feel un-holstered hear alone w/o anyone else in the house...well hannah is at school, mommy at work, and daddy at triple a...When I start school things should change...I wish I had a friend ... a real freaking friend who I could talk to ...maybe I am lesbian...innately lesbian...Tina does look very interesting to me...ok, I have to work on a few reports for school...I'm going to slowly become a zomby again...I am definetly goign to try to make my way over to the next Moby concert in teh future and I also heard that Bjork is coming to BOston, I might go I dunno if anything I would go with Antonius, or Patrice, if she likes Bjork ok, I am going to go and expand my min d I really feel like I'm being a lazy ass by skippign school today....I am a loner of mother fucking loner...sucked away in my own container..."I don't give a fuck"...because I am in my own universe. Ok, I am off to Bull Shit on the boards...I hope to talk to Tina soon...ok, I need to work too after all taht's what I am supppose d to be doing ok bye



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