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12:13 p.m. - 1990-10-15
WTC and I'm tired
Hi, I'm so fucking bored , I am tired, and my head is fuzzy, I need to clear everything that happened away..I am going to attempt to do some homework, and in the air of a previous entry, "I will get it done". Oh well, America was bombed by some terroists on something called 'September 11, 2001'; i.e. the world trade center was blown away with two freakin' airplanes crashing into it. I wish I could live someone else's life...a wonderful venture. I miss tam alot. but i haven't thought about it recently so i'm kind of scared..i can't think about it solidly ...its like a past foggy nightmare/memory that I can't raise in my brain again...i dunno...but there is this girl online named tina and she is vietnemese (...she likes moby) and I think she is cool ...she is someone who i'd wanna hang with and talk with all day...oh man i'm going backm to school tommmorow yeah it should be interesting i wish i just had some friends yeah right tommmorow i wont even be talking this way ..tommorow i begin my single pursuit as a solitary identity as school encloses my will...fuck the world.



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