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6:01 p.m. - 1990-10-16
"I feel haggard" as the entry could go. I just feel like going straight to Moby's house in New York and having him shout to me right in the face, you're a mother fucking bitch weirdo/'lazy ass' -hole. Then I would know that I am definitely the last person on earth anyone would want to be around. I would suck to all to most except the mother fucking cunt-heads like, my father, dr. court and the bitch faggots that see the bitch in me I hate myself I need to join a mother fucking army I hate my attitude...yes it was changing god damned last year but now is it going to change again, i don't know...I think i'm going to loose it again and become a bitch hole by the time I graduate from ACC this year I am going to be a crazy ass weirdo ...not knowing which way is up ...all to get teh mother fukcing diploma placed in my hands. I wish I could just be like tina, or patrice or normal people I suck...EVERYONE hates me and THIS I KNOW is TRUE. I wish I could go and talk to Moby all day I guess he's gonna be my sucks....(as the entry could end) In addition I really miss Tam to . I was just reading her guestbook and Atonius said i really miss you and I never thought it would end this sucks, its's a bitch...god instead of her would be better.



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