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5:41 p.m. - 1990-10-30
Na-Na, Tabi-Cat
I wonder how Naomi is doing. I haven't contacted her for a time. I hope she is ok. She had said something about moving out of her apartment in October. I wonder if sh needs any help. I really hope that she cancels her marriage to Rick. I don't see things occuring healthily there at all if it goes on. I hope she is happy.

I saw Aunt Meggy last week at church. She asked me, "how are you keeping?" I said fine. I hope she is ok. She was resting at a back table in the church. The many things that I observerd about people were so opposite to the way I saw them.

Tabitha is in college now. She said it is fun because she hated highschool.

Something really bad and irreversible is going to happen to the United States of America...they're going to be resentful and sorry of their blatant ignorance and illogical planning methods.



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