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2:29 p.m. - 2001-11-08
I am sitting here at ACC. I miss BLS alot but I will have to compensate with ACC. I have started to talk to the kids there now...what a relief...getting bac ck into the school feeling. I hope that Patrice is doing ok with school. Tam would have done better here I think. I think part of Tam would

put forth enough energy to talk to kids in the school in the first place. I mean she would talk. I would to. But I wish that she had come here. Instead of killing herself. Freaking BLS made her do that I know it. BLS...

If she had just not gone to school that Monday things would have turned out so much better than they happenstancely did.

I hope Tabitha is ok in school now too.

It was weird though. I wonder how it was for Tam feeling disconnected from all things earthly. But the odd thing I don't know. Well, MOby-ooo forget Moby for now...I listened to his musak to much.

Well things should go well enough. I hope that everyone in the world learns how to get along and that world peace will reign supreme in the twentieth century.

I am going to enter this before the computer shuts down. Oh this is RCC...the part I am in now...the first level...RCC BEA Boston Evening Academy.................................





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