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9:03 p.m. - 2001-11-20
Following Things
Just thinking, how last year was so different than this year turned out. I was in school at BLS, Tam was alive, I was enjoying school..the path was smooth. The thought to me had never occured that something could happen at all that would be negative at smooth.

It seems like I should say...what if I told myself last year the list of the following things:

1.You are NOT going to graduate from BLS

2.Tam is going to die

3. You are going to be rejected from aqll of the colleges

4.You are going to sign out of BLS too

5. You are going to go to OHio

6.You are going to become helplessly obsessed with techno signer/artist

7. You are going to go to ACC

7. You are going to be lost

9. DMAN all of that other thigns stuff ponderings o man o.. O,

Bye 4 now.



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