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8:02 a.m. - 2001-12-04
I went to BLS yesterday after school. To, give my reccomendation forms to the teachers there. I bumped into two girls from my class nd they were like Hi lydia! well one...said that the other did but didn't smile or whateer. So they were like are you here to get your yearbook and I said no adn then I asked them...where would I get it and they said in room 223 so I went there and Mrs. Craven was there and I signed out and got the Boston Latin 2001 yearbook...I kept it in my book bag and went to Hannah's workplace where I sat in a corner looking at it...I saw my picture and too my happy suprise I saw Tam's picture I wasn't expecting Tam's picture to bin the yearbook I think it was from Last year because here hair was brownish at leart in the superlative was after she had died it hot pink and it was si=til l coming out of her ahir I guess.. When I looked into her eyes all of the sadness of her death came back to me. It seemed like a far away pain in the back of my head... a very distance recalling.

Last night Hannah and I went to Ethan's concert at Berklee which he invited us to. A bunch ofhumans singing...We got home late I tried to do homework and didn't get it done and decided(ing) not to go to school today...DUNCE that I am...I can't even feel that feeling of not wanting to go back to school...

Yeah, and yesterday when we went to Berklee I was just sitting in Bro. Bailey's car and looking straight ahead and he started to blink whereas he didn't even do that when Hannah was sitting in the middle or Joel rather...This whole thing is like a duncey stoopid-bull silliness. I wasn't even sick I was thinking differently...humans humans humans.

I want Tam back. Yesterday I was thinking why is she dead? i am sad that she is under the ground her eyes her pretty eyes closed. In the picture her eyes were open but now she is gone

From the Year book:

Tam Pham

Activities: Track and Field, Library Junkie Quotes: "It's MY island!" "Life is what you make it"-from that boy with them there eyes.



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