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10:07 a.m. - 2001-12-22
Learning on a Trip
I have to write this entry now before I leave New York City. I am about to go now. I have I guess you can say learned a lot about me and life being in New York. New York is a nice city just like other cities. Save not having seen Moby and not having tour the city like I liked to this trip was ok to say the least. I was faced with myself the whole time. It wasn't like I was staying at someone's house or something. I wasn't really pressured to act a certain way that much. It was like things "acted on me". I guess you can say I have a lot of hate but that's innate. That sentence so rhymes. I really like doing things like this though. I think a part of me also likes the suffering I put myself through. Yes I like part of that I think. And the adventurous parts of doing things like this also appeal to me. And I also like just walking around. I get nervous when I am around a lot of other people. Well not nervous but I am reluctant to say things because I am afraid not afraid but suspicuous, not suspicious but just troubled that I may say something wrong, not wrong but say something that does not make sense not make sense but just say the 'wrong thing' in terms of the topic of conversation or whatever.



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