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6:03 p.m. - 2002-11-11
HA3 (home alone 3)
I'm here at "home alone" in the house. Oh well. I feel sad kind of. Because I feel like I am still seeing myself in other's I feel like I'm not giving other people due justice. Like today I was kind of enangered against daddy but when I observed why I was angry at him I ended up feeling like I was just judging him and treating him like he was me or something. Or actually what I meant to say (I got side track for a second)when I thought about why I was angry at him it was the reason I was angry at him was because of traits that I see in myself that I don't like. I was getting upset with me to sum it up. I wish I could know something other than what I know. I wish I could be something other than what I be. Sometimes that is. I feel like I am running in circles with myself. I think other's have wider brain spans than I have because I remember this time in Civics class in Boston Latin School where my Civics teacher was telling me that my hand writing was to off to the side to narrow. I think that might have reflected my character. I look at other people and how creative they are and for some reason that doesn't appeal to me. I feel like this brings me back to the thought of not judging other's too much and getting to know others more and better than I do. I don't feel like I know people enough.



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