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3:35 p.m. - 2003-01-30
Mechanic and Jamaican Chics
So I've been out and about alot. Nothing much is new. I'm not going to Emmanuel College this spring. But I might go this September. I still feel intimidated by the church. Not much is new. I am here at the Language Lab with Hannah she is doing her lesson for Spanish. It is eirish. Mad boring. The car broke down. The belt wasn't working so Daddy had to go and take the car to the mechanic and then Hannah and I walked to Simmons from infront of that Catholic church wherabouts roundabouts where the car broke down. BTW I borrowed a mixed songs cd from Damian. It is pretty good. I also called Ethan today. Well I'm going to enter this online diary entry before the computer messes up. These days I'm feeling intimiated by the church particularly Sis. Chambers new daughters from Jamaica.



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