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2:02 p.m. - 2004-01-06
Damien and Pitney Bowes
Damien said he couldn't help me at all as far as getting money. I needed money for lunch and to maybe even get home. Because I didnt go to the ALPHA center day program today because i decided to go to Atlantic Research to check out a temp job. And then I left there deciding not accept the job because It would conflict with my day program at ALPHA. And i didn't get to go to Boston Medical to get blood work done. because mommy gave me my medicine and stupid me accepted it when your not supposed to take it if you need blood work done at boston medical.I asked him through some security people and he said he couldn't help me and that he was too busy. He works for Pitney Bowes Business Service Center at 175 Berkley St. Boston, MA 02117



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