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1:59 p.m. - 2004-01-06
Saw Damiens ID picture at Liberty Mutual Today 175 Berkley St.
I am the the Copley Branch Library doing some research. I might might might join the army. This man named Sargeant Shultz is helping me on this bit. I am notsure yet. I was hospitalized again for 2months at the Faulkner Hospital. I was so annoying being there I changed rooms like 3 times. So you know that was annoying. I spoke to Tabitha and Naomi recently It was ok talking to them. Tabitha I think is trying to help me pay this credit card bill by working for Uncle James my Uncle. He would have me work on Sundays. I have to go I here rustling behind me And I might get it trouble in a bit because im'm on this computer for handicaps.



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