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7:41 a.m. - 2004-02-20
Relaxe Coiffure
Damien got really mad at me a few days ago. He was shouting and everything. How can I blame him? I can't. Who wants to be bugged by a twirp like me. I'm sure it's annoying. JK (Just kidding). Today I might go downtown with LeeJay and Julienne Moore from church.BTW LeeJay had a baby boy his name is Jaden. That's the same name of Sis.C hamers' son's son's name. Last night Julienne did my hair. She relaxed it. Whoo wee My hair is relaxed. Big suprise huh? It'll be easier to manage. I think the Chambers sisters think I'm crazy not to mention all the other people who know me....HATERS!! Hah just kidding.



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