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11:56 a.m. - 2004-02-22
New York, New York!
Yesterday I went to New York, we left this morning at approximately 6 a.m. and Sis. Beverly picked us up, she and I believe only Aunt Laleith rented a 17 seater white van. I looks nice but is rigged on the inside. It has seat belts that extend and contract uncontrollably. I got caught in mine quite a few times. The heating system is kind of jipped too. But otherwise it is an ok vehicle for transportation. It was funny, at the New York church they started singing this song really fast and I started a clapping beat and then everyone started doing it and the church was on fire. But then these girls danced to "Let this be our prayer" by Donnie McClurkin and it was sad. It made me feel sad. Then another set of girls danced to "Bless me Indeed Deed the Prayer of Jabez" by I forget who. That was a complete copy of our Bethel's dance team. Of course I think our is better actually I don't, I think they are both good renditions. OK, bye for now. Basically it was pretty good. They were all wearing white in the dance team to the "Let this be our prayer". And then the second set of dancers wore white witih blue skirts. It was pretty good overall.



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