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6:19 p.m. - 2004-11-05
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital
I am a patient at the Lemuel Shattuck hospital now. After waiting a while I am going to move to Maryland with Aunt Omega, hopefully I go to school there too. She wants me to get into an employment thing too. I don't really like the Lemuel Shattuck too much. I guess I don't have enough privileges yet. So I was thinking if I just get a chance to get more privileges. Like fill my day doing things so I am occupied and doing things for the whole day. I think it is better and I am healthier when I am doing things the entire day. Just laying around isn't healthy for me; when I lay around I feel depressed and hopeless and I sta rt thinking about the way things are in the world and if I am reacting to things the way the "average" person would react to things. I think a lot of what is "normal" and if I am "normal". I think the computer is one of my loveliest tools for helping my self feeling better and my diary summa cum laude loveliest. It helps me get out my feelings at the moment; my current feelings. I just need to find stuff to do. That was a bit of hogwash I was talking a few sentences ago but oh well. as long as i am doing something. lets just hope i don't become docile at lemuel shattuck hopefully doing the cash register livens me up.



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