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11:59 a.m. - 2004-11-23
I think that I am still bored with nothing to do. That is why I came down here to the library. To find something better to do like study Spanish for a while. It really helps to type in my diary though. I am supposed to meet with my DMH (Department of Mental Health) Worker at 2 00 pm today. After going to TREE for an hour I am going to work my way back over to the 9 south unit and talk to Kathleen Granum.
Something that really pissed me off: My Doctor said my family told him that I start projects and don't complete them.That is the biggest lie in the world. I think daddy is confusing himself with me. Look who started JCGF and didn't complete the project but aborted it prematurely? I don't want to rank on him or anything but he is always starting projects without completing them too. But I am psyched to be successful I want to finish college and get out and then continue on to graduate school. I really want to stay occupied so I stay out of trouble and stay out of writing the better half of what thisi diary is...a lot of bad emotions and feelings mixed together over the summation of 3 long but short years. I am going to look on the internet to find out what they have down town in Boston so I can buy a coat and a cd player and cd. Now that I have had the time to clear my mind a bit I can think of what I want to buy from dowtown. I plan on going with Uncle James. I also plan on having a orientation for Mass Rehab again by at least then end of this year so I can sign up for financial aid from the state for school to go to UMASS Boston. I'm going to look on their website too to find out what their majors and research is like. I want to major in chemistry or biology.



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