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2:28 p.m. - 2005-01-16
Guess what I ran away while I was on pass with mommy and daddy because I started to feel claustrophobic my mother started saying that I should go back to the hospital because she felt "uncomfortable", so I started to feel claustophobic and ran out the door and took a taxi w/o paying to ashmont station where I wh got on the red line to south station and met this jewish man 29 years old...we didn't do anything we happened to be on the smae bus so we rested on each other's shoulders on teh way to rhodeisland he kept on nudging my knee i acted like I was slee and his name was AVI (that rhymes)I want to have kids and marry him. Hes generally cute he has strong jewish features big nose deep set eyes black hair...ewwwww baby!



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