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7:33 p.m. - 2005-01-17
AVI and ME
i'm back. i have been feeling disattachment from earthly things though. Anway, I have been thinking about AVI alot. He was so cute when I saw him, I just wanted to be near him...I still do. But he is Jewish that makes it twice as sweet..big nose dark hair...i told you about this already...but recentely I have been thinking a lot about sex..i.e. sex with avi..maybe just maybe it is pre mature..but he was kneeing me on the bus ride to rhode sweet... when I say kneeing I mean nudgin me with his knees...i guess he wanted to get with me. Guess what I have been doing, I have been making a wedding registry for Lydia "Brooks" and Avi "I don't know" (cus I don't know his last name) go to www. and go to username bicentennial1 columbus password I made a list of nice bedding for us so we could do it all the time heehee really I did. I want to call him tonight..damn what if he shouts and me and tells me to never call again. I want to write him I am serious about this marry him. ..well you know why partly because I think I have might have just might diabetes and it is not too safe for diabetics to live is a sad facit of life I will now have to accept cus I felt tingling in my hands...I will might have to get off the Lithium if I am diabetic...You know what caused all this me being in a stressful environment the last 8 years of my fuckin life. Well I want to marry AVI nonetheles.. peace out SHALOM...praying for sex with AVI's beautiful tall lanky jewish bod.



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