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5:04 p.m. - 2005-01-18
Avi off to a club?
I just got off phone with AVI...he has such a sexy voice...anyway he's sick so that adds to it..nayway he lost his jobs at Legal Seafoods because the sotore closed down. So he was just to go out the door to go and make himself happy by hanging with people his age. Lucky duck. I would too. Join his nice ass.
Oh guess what I was in Math group today at TREE and I was balancing my pen on the tabel and Billl that white guy blew my pen over...I have thought he was cute from the beigiinning now he blows my pen over...I thought he hated me a nd thought I was crazy...who knows I think AVI might think the same way...I LOVE AVI though....I WANT to go with him so badly and marry him and have kids etc. bye. lydia spoke to naomi to day she is on maternity leave.



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