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I want high heel shoes so I can walk straighter becuase I feel like I 'm slowly dying and need to support the dying body. I also want to aslkDr. Sellers for a pass off the hospital campus. So I can go out with Avi. Guess what George W. Bush got inaugurated today. Oh and I spoke to Avi today this morning. He is looking for work here now like Stop ní Shop or CVS. He starts work today he said. He also said he met a girl from California and he said, ďI donít know what the hell her problem is.Ē I really want to go out with Avi. Pray that I do. I keep on feeling like vomiting because certain people here just make me sick to my stomach. Oh did I ever tell you about that time I made out with the boy from MIT naked too. Oh! Wow. I wish I was back in Ohio I was more healthy thatís what I believe. Oh Iíve been trying to get in touch with Rick Malabre to see if he can take me to a job fair for Home Depot. It would be good if I start working for them . It starts February 12, 2005 at 3:00 p.m. well I am going to go back to the computer and try to talk to Dr. Sellers. I will talk to him later on today around 3:30 p.m. I just feel like staying in my room for now(Maybe because I have the television and it has the inauguration of Mr. Bushie W. George. I wish I could call Avi but he said he was going to sleep )yah right) I guess Iíll study some Biology now.



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