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6:54 p.m. - 2005-01-23
Letter to Avi
I wrote a letter to AVI. It said everything about me and stuff. Oh well. I wonder if he'll like the letter? I called him too I already tol you that but I told mommy I wanted grandma's address so I could do I job application to a job in Florida it is called Pep Boys. I wonder if they will accept me. It is interesting watching what the boys do on the computer here in the ward. Games, music, games... Oh well I hope that tommorow turns out ok. I need to ask Mark to ask mommy if she can open an account checking account for me. Then I need to meet with the medical student tommorow too. She is going to check in with me and strengthen all the plans I have to go to Florida. My privileges start tommorow too. I get to go to the library for one hour on my own tommorow. Avi went to the job interview and he is I guess supposed to here back from them soon. These are the things I need: A latchook A gamecube audio video component money a check card with a major credit card logo priviliges to go off the unit a hair straightener Oh well I am going to go and call Aunt Meggy again to ask Faith if she can take me to the job fair on February 12th



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