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9:32 a.m. - 2005-01-23
Blizzard of 2005
I spoke to Avi last night and he said that he was watching the snow but he was really tired. Is he mad at me? I want to call him today because he is probably snowed in and can't go anywhere. Today is the Blizzard of 2005. Mommy, Daddy, and Hannah came last night. I turned Hannah and Daddy away you can tell why in the last 100 entries. I don't want them to spoil my plan to move to Florida. They wont spoil my plan to move to Florida. Anyway, next I talked to Tabitha. I called her cell phone 617-869-0536. She is in Potsdam, New York for school. She is in her last year. She has her own apartment now. She was studying. I guess she doesn't observe the Sabbath unless she has to. That's good. Not overtly and overly religious. That makes me sick at some points. See at some points it's good to be overtly religious but when you mix it with bullshit it's sickening. She said that now it is almost like I am on my own. Well not really Tabitha, I don't have privileges to go off the grounds yet. I don't know if I wont have them for a while. After I ran away to Rhode Island, met Avi.etc. I was restricted to the unit for one month it has been one month. So I don't feel completely independant yet. But when I get out I will buy clothes and buy stuff like that for myself so I can look better. I spoke to Enoch by email and complimented his new website I told him it was better than extra or access hollywood's websites...just being extrally explicatory...whatever. But anway after that (this was all on Saturday by the way). I called Zitta (Patrice Jackson) 617-816-8258. And she told me her mother had been trying to reach my home phone for a while so I gave her my hospital number 617-524-9841. I Just feel like remember numbers today don't I? Anyway I want to go call someone maybe not maybe I'll follow Tabitha's advice and go and look at schools. I was looking at schools on the internet and scholarships yesterday. I found a lot. I have to narrow them down and choose some to do.



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