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3:57 p.m. - 2005-01-26
I'm at Lemuel Shattuck still. Roy, this arabic boy is leaving. He was really nice the time he was here and cute He had a caucasian girlfriend. ALso Bill this white m an who I thought was cute is leaving next week too. And Ronald Bradley is FINALLY leaving within this month hopefully. He is going to a group home. I would be glad to finally get him off my back. I can't wait till I get more privileges to let me walk around the unit and get exercise and fresh air for real. I am not going to run off again. It is useless. The hospital has me here under section 12 by law. So I can't be discharged until they say they want me to be discharged. I am being held lawfully. I can't wait to get that exercise tape by Joan Lunden that Autn Omega ordered for me.
I made this craft in Art Studio today. It is a long piece of clay grey painted that holds 10 grey painted styrofoam balls that I plan to cover (the balls) with colorful sequins. It is supposed to be a center piece. Plus I sent AVI a felt heart shaped "cd-holder". It is supposed to hold a cd. It has his name diagnolly across it in black lettering "AVI" then it has stripes in red made with fabric paint. I sewed the two felt hearts together with black thread. I wonder what AVI did all day. Once I spoke to him upon him losing his job and he said that he was going to go and be around people his own age. I thought he meant a club or something. maybe he


maybe he


. I did that header thing for emphasis. I am hoping that mommy sends me the money and goes shopping this week so she can pick up my shoes, my lotion, my perfume, my sequins, and my sequin pins for the project I am doing at the Art Studio. I can't wait to get it done and see how it looks. I really like the keys on teh computer I am using ok maybe


I am trying to play this CLUB DICE CASINO game. It isn't working or not dowloading right away. or I'm not following the directions maybe it worked I played chinese kitchen once. It was fun kind of . I'll tell AVI about it. OH well I want to go home Kind of but I will have to avoid daddy. I am going to get a job working at home depot I notice what people usually tell me is true. Like this boy told me that I should move in with my family again. So it is true. I will move to Florida a little later. Maybe get my associates degree here in Boston and move to Florida afterwards. I hope the process gets on the ball and something starts happening because we don't need to lag anymore. We need to get the ball rolling. I don't want to be a woosy and keep begging AVI to come down and visit poor pitiful currently me. But should be strong enough to wait and get out. This feeling may change though. But I should at least stay in touch with him before he moves. See this is his deal He is living in a subsidized housing situation where the government pays part of his housing and he pays part. And he just lost his job. He had a high position as cook. And that paid well. Now that he lost his job he told me he is going to have to move out of his old house this might be true or not I am guessing depending on how much his job at the Pottery Barn (if he gets the job) pays him. Otherwise, our AVI might just have to move right back to Florida with his family I guess I don't know the situation fully. Each time I call him it's like he is either tired or he is about to run out the door to go to a job interview or take someone to get a job as a friend or spend his money. He should save up his money and get a high paying job. Or save his money and use his bachelors degree to get a high paying job. Not that it is any of my business now. But I wonder what he has been doing for the past 8 years of his life after college. Oh well time will tell my relationship with AVI the Jewish man from South Station 29 years old who tried to knee me on the bus and rested his head on me while he slept.



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