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6:24 p.m. - 2005-01-28
entry that sucks
I had an ok day today. I went out to the library and to tree. I haven’t spoken to AVI all day. I wonder if he likes it that way. He is very busy though. He goes to work. He works at the Brigham’s (I don’t know if he works at the ice cream store or the hospital.) Anyway, a slow day a very slow day. Nonetheless I will hold the fort. I have mailed AVI 5 letters at the least. I wonder if he wont write me back. He is so busy. And then today there was a fire alarm. Oh, the Listerine mommy was supposed to send me was turned away because it has too high of alchol content in it. Oh, yeah, and also Roy left to go to the 4th floor where he will be more free and Bill left to go to the same place. See, here’s my gig; I liked both of them (I.e. thought they were cute) and felt up tight most of the time because of this but now that they are gone I don’t feel so uptight. Maybe that’s a good thing. Yeah it is a good thing. But now you are probably wondering why I like AVI and don’t feel uptight about it. It is because of the type of person he is. He is laid back jewish guy. Shalom Alechem….ah hah time of guy. He is a bof bah type of guy NO BIG DEAL type of guy. He seems to have many positive thoughts. That’ s why I like him. I would like to be like him. Free Spirit. He is a free spirit. Well I am going to go and write Patrice, a rare commodity these days. She is usually doing her homework in school. She goes to Vanderbilt University. I emailed her that ANI DIFRANCO will be in town in April. I got the notification in my e-mail. Here is her email to me:

Hey Lydia,
Thanks for the email about Ani. I'm actually on the same list so I got my email and yours at the same time. I'm really sorry that I didn't call you back last weekend. I am extremely busy with school I have a senior paper due at the end of the semester and I am trying to make steady progress on it. I will give your number to my mom. I have 617 632 8045 and 615 524 9841. I will give her both, but email me back and let me know which one it is. Anyway, I guess the only thing that I can see myself doing to help alleviate your lonliness is to email you. This is my work schedule:
Monday 1p-5p, Tuesday 6p-8p, Wednesday 12p-4p, Thursday 4p-7p, 10p-1a, Friday 2-5. I can email during these times because I sit at a computer the whole time. Anyway, Talk to you soon. I have a full weekend full of school work, so to lgithen the load, I'm going to try and make a dent in the huge pile I have. Have a great weekend.

She sent it with love. She is concerned about me as is her mother. I wish I could call her mom. I feel sad. Kind of empty. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’ll watch the SOLARIS DVD that I got when I went out on my own to Ft. Leonard Wood in the army. The army was a good experience met a lot of people and Sergeant Shultz my recruiter was the best. There was this boy from California called “home boy” who I called “ferret boy” because of his long neck. All the girls in the barracks almost in Alpha Company knew I liked him. Haha. I hope he didn’t die over seas. I remember him walking off with his army hat on to go to basic training where he learned to use a gun. He looked so sad. Love you Ferret Boy

I hope to here more from Patrice, I see it as a big thing because of all of the event s that surround her and how much an impact on my life she had.
Well I am going to go and do some other stuff on the internet. Like look at videos and listen to music and play video games. This guy is trying to “witness” to me. He talks too much. Idon’t really like his talkativeness. He is whindy. Like he is talky talky and then flit it. It doesn’t make sense. Not like AVI. I’ll call AVI later.



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