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1:43 p.m. - 2005-01-29
Thinking of Songs
Thinking of Songs…
One song I really like by Norah Jones reminds me of my love for Avi. If he should leave I would be lonely. It is called “Love Me”. It is a great song. There’s another great song “Humble Me”. It says you humble me Lord. The Lord does humble me. When I see the wrong I have done I feel humbled by the Lords overpowering presence. See she isn’t necessarily a Christian but her lyrics are encouraging. That song “Humble Me” is actually about a single mother I think with one baby daughter. Near the end she says, “It never rains when you want it too.” That is so true it never rains when I want it to. “You humble me Lord, so please, please forgive me…you humble me…”…
I am listening to a new one now called “Toes”. I wonder what it is about. I will write what it is about.

“My toes just touched the water”
“My toes just touched the water”
“Swimmin with the fish”
She walks a mile to find the edge and now she is there but she can’t begin to move. I think of Peace when I listen to that song. Peace.

I want to listen to Ani DiFranco next her songs are so riveting and powerful. I especially like you know which one. The one where she is saying stuff to her boyfriend who left her for another girl… “Untouchable Face”. That was my theme song in 2001. I sang it over and over again to daddy because I was upset with daddy. Daddy’s face was untouchable because he wasn’t in my room where I would rant the tune. Then in 2003 to Damien because I thought I was in deep love with Damian. His face was untouchable because he was never in my house so I could touch him. He definitely had an untouchable face. Here goes I am going to try to find her music online.

I just heard a great riveting one by Norah I’m playing it over again. She says what am I to you tell me darling true to me your are the sea…a deepest shade of blue. I would like to dedicate that to Avi too. “I’d give you my last shirt”

I’m listening to Ani her music is soo consistant. This is knuckledown of 2005 and it sounds just like her cd living in clip in 1997. That song on there untouchable face is no listenable on line at least of what I can find. But her voice sounds the same. Uh-oh oh oh uh oh uh oh eh like those sort of singing. Mixed lyrics with a story. Ok, I’m going to put this in the internet diary before I have to close the window. See I’m typing in word processor for works.

Oh, Hannah and Mommy and Sis. Bailey are supposed to visit me today later on after Hannah reviews with the youth. I can’t wait. Because I’m bored. I want to see how my split personalities come out when Iam with two different kinds of people.

Ani just said “I think I communicate better the less I say” So true for me. The less I speak with my mouth in some cases the better.
Well I have to go



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