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1:54 p.m. - 2005-01-30
Just another day2
I was just working out on the treadmill I couldn't sleep so I cam eto the computer. I was speaking to a counselor and hse said Lydia is used in portugal alot I thought it was a Russian name.
Oh I called Avi. And this nice lady answered and she was like this is Lesley. And she went to knock on Avi 's door (which I wish she didn't do) but he wasn't there. He is at work maybe? I don't know. He stays occupied though.
I was thinking I would love to go to work or school straight after leaving here. that is why I would like to get a job soon. I have been applying online and HOME DEPOT job fair I might miss so I will have to reapply and go to the next job fair Iguess.



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