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11:23 a.m. - 2005-01-31
It's kind of unfair that I am here trying to tough it out at the hospital while my family is on the outside free to move around. For the rest of the day I have TREE and I will exercise on the treadmill I like doing that these days. I did it yesterday and I thorougly enjoyed it. I can't wait to get the exercise tape that Aunt Omega ordered for me. Oh, I spoke to Uncle Timothy yesterday. He sounded kind of down. I can't wait to go on a walk again later today at 3:30. I hope those bummy guys that I live with on the unit want to take a smoke so we go outside. Well I've gotta go and get lunch. Oh, daddy might buy me some kind of music item. I guess I should just get a new CD player and CD's. Hope HOpe HOpe!!! I really want knew music. I am back to being an internet guru. I have been on bjorkdolls diary recently as well as gmalivuk. Well pray for me that I get out of here. I will be returning to my home. I guess I'll do some mathematics and maybe french then exercise. Love life and all it's bounties.
-Lydia Brooks 01/31/05



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