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7:18 p.m. - 2005-02-01
Just listening to Lead me on by Bethany Dillon it was really good. I want to get it. Anyway I was just thinking me and Avi are alike because we are both trying to put together the pieces of our lives. Ahh...Days of Our Lives.
Anwayz me and Avi are alike...hehe I refer to him as "my Jewish friend" on Please forgive me God for all the cursing I did. I didn't curse God though. I have done it before. But I asked for forgiveness. Maybe I will delve into Patrice's research project and try to research some myself...nope, I wont--don't feel like it. I spoke to Dr. Macmillan to confirm I only have privs to go to the library as far as being on my own. And he verified it. I have thought he was kind of cute. He is.Not many or none of the other guys on the unit are cute. I think this medical student guy and this pharmacy student is cute. Oh talking of cute guys I think the security guard downstairs with the eyeglasses and the red face is mad cute..cutey boy...I call him hyper happy security guard boy ..something like that. Anyway, let's get back to business I deviated a little bit(see I'm learning how to write a true diary entry from would love to have a diary like hers) Ronald just said hi to me.this 45 year old guy who keeps on trying to hook up with me he's black and i think he's ugly.. he needs to lay off because it ain't happening and will not happen between me and Ronald. Anway I deviated again, I want to get involved with Avi..I think it would be healthy for me to have a relationship with a guy. All these days I here of girls having boyfriend and I have none (officially yet) I will love to hook up with Avi. I wonder what my family will think of us being boyfriend and girlfriend. I hope Daddy doesn't get hard headed...he wont. So Avi and I will hook up get with each other and become boyfriend and girlfriend and we will become husband and wife. I can imagine myself with him.
What other business do I have to take care of well I have my insurance set on long term and then I have to get the dates of my bills of hospitilization so I can pay my bills with MassHealth. I have to focus on staying well to get out of here. I will get out of here within the next two months at the most. That is what I am telling everybody. I am itching to get with Avi. Maybe I shouldn't call him as much and the finally call him when I get out and then hook up and go to Foxwoods (which we will do). But I need to stay in touch with him while in here in case he moves into another house (he said he is on subsidized housing now) I feel like talking to sis. Bye.



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