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7:44 p.m. - 2005-02-02
Eventful Day
Well to say the least I had an eventful day today. I went to TREE and emailed a few people about job stuff. Like how I am in the hospital now and can't go out to the February 12 Open House Job Interview Session as the Home Depot and also the social security people for a bank card all of which I spoke about already. I was able to call Avi and someone answered but the phone kept up breaking up. Wow, the minute I reach him I couldn't reach him. I guess he has gotten my letters of angst and anguish over the last few days. Here is a copy of some of them:
LETTER 1Lydia Brooks
170 Morton St. 9South
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Dear Avi,
Shalom. How are you doing? I am still in the hospital. I am waiting for my parents to come and give me money so I can have money in case I want to buy something from the gift shop downstairs. I was talking to this boy downstairs and he said I should move back in with my family. I guess I should for now. And then move to Florida and California after I move in with my family and get some schooling under my belt. I have been going to this one church for about 7 years and I donít really like it anymore so I was thinking of going to another church while living at my familyís house. I would go to UMASS Boston if I lived at my familyís house. I want to major in mathematics or computer technology. What was your major in college? When I left high school I had applied to a lot of good schools but none of them accepted me because I didnít complete high school at Boston Latin School, my home school., I completed school at another high school called Another Course to College High school in Brighton Massachusetts. After that I went into a program for Job Readiness called STRIVE. It trains you on how to apply for a job and the interviewing process. It was interesting to say the least.
So when are you going to visit me? I wouldnít mind a visit. BY the time you visit we will go out to eat or something or watch a movie. What are your working hours. I fyou canít come during the week you will come during the weekend. If you canít come then. Then hopefully my doctor will let me visit you. Because I get bored being inside of course.
I have a game cube video Nintendo system that is missing a part and I need to get it so that I can play the video game. They have internet downstairs so I go on that at times. Then I have a television in my room so I watch television sometimes. And they have magazines and books. Do you have any favorite books. My is books by Emily Bronte which I read in high school at Boston Latin School and I like MY Antoniea, Huckleberry Finn, Hamlet Then there is the program that I go to where they have cooking and crafts. I made a heart shaped cd holder for you. Donít laugh when you get it. I was bored and felt like making something creative. So I tried. Well I have to go for now. I will write you again.
LETTER 2Lydia Brooks
170 Morton St. 9 South
Jamaica Plain , MA 02130

Dear Avi,

when are you going to get a higher paying job? What kind of job do you have now at Brighams and what kind of job are you looking for? Do you want cooking because you were cooking before at Legal Sea Foods. Oh well. I hope you find something better. Would you consider joining the army?
I tried to join but like I told you I couldnít because I had medical records from different hospitals. I liked it there and formed friendships. I even met someone from Ohio my hometown. She was a mother of one trying to join the army to make her life better. But we both got pushed out because of our medical records. But now wouldnít even be a good time to join the army myself because they are starting to put the women on the frontlines too. I guess weíre running out of people for the army-itís voluntary enlistment anyway. This guy who I met here said that in his country they have to join the army after a certain age; in Singapore. Well I guess I am going to go for now and go on the internet.
I canít wait to get out of here. We will go out and have fun. Foxwoods. I have never been there. It will be fun.
By the way my doctor is leaving for vacation two weeks and another doctor is taking his place. Pray that he gives me privileges to go out and to go around the grounds and also to go out when I want to . Well I have to go for real now dinner his here. I will come back.Ok, bye.

Write back

LETTER 3Dear Avi
Whatí s up? How are you. Shalom. I am back in the computer room. I just got in deep trouble well not deep trouble but a little trouble. You have to sign out to go to the library and I signed out but I had only 15 minutes to be down there. Then they got upset that I wasnít spending a whole hour that the doctor let me spend down there. A REAL bummer. Now I feel a bit depressed that I did things wrong. I hate when I do things wrong. I want to make things right. I hate peopleís stupidity sometimes when they act ignorant that is my ultimate pet peeve ignorance. I donít like when people arenít informed of the state of things or informed in general. I wish I could just leave. Here. You understand. ANYWAY thatís what I was trying to do when I went to Rhode Island. I ended up at a old guys sportmenís club room and he started watching a bad movie so I walked out the door. I felt sick to my stomach. So I got help from a security guard. He told my parents where I was after I called them (see I followed your advice) and told them where I was and they sent an ambulance to send me back to the hospital. See how much I didnít want to be here? Hold on I am going to talk to the doctor again. Ask him if I can go out with my Aunt. Bye for now.
LETTER 4 January 27, 2005
Lydia Brooks
170 Morton St. 9 South
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Dear Avi,
Shalom. How are you? I spoke to you this morning. Good job on getting work at Brighams. There is a Brighams close to my home in Mattapan. It is in Mattapan Square. I hope you get a better paying job. I hope you are doing ok with the snow. Is it snowing out in Lexington a lot? We got 6 inches in Boston. It was really bad people were digging themselves out of the snow. My parents had to higher someone to dig all of the snow out of our parking space. It took a few days for them to come though. It was really bad. And then I here that there is supposed to be another snow storm coming this week. So I am asking my parents to buy stuff for me that I need like shoes, and other stuff. In Boston they shop far away from home so I have to call my mom at work to tell her what I need or the night before at home.

The internet is down here so I have to go downstairs to the library to use the internet. Today I will probably go to the gym out at Boston Medical Center and try to swim (Donít know how to swim yet L )and play basketball then go to the program. I might call my mother. Then I have to make phone calls for a few bills to pay so I have to go I also have to go to a meeting. Talk to you later.


So I guess that is all the letters I wrote him and the majority of those I mailed to him. I wonder what he thinks of them?I had to revise one that I never mailed because I thought it was so Bibley and religiousy. But I don't know how religious he is. He said he was going to Foxwoods...sooo I don't know. Anway I went to TREE then I did some more computer stuff. The computer is like mylifeline these days. I conduct all my busines through it and the telephone. Anway Hannah visited me and we shared stories about Columbus and a medium black olive pizza from Pizza Hut my treat. It was good. But I had to try not to hack it up because there were these staff that were acting so roudy it literally made little me's stomach sick. But then I got to the phone and called Avi and someone answered sounding tired to say the least and I couldn't get a voice connection with them. Oh well. I will try again at 9 45. Usually around that time it's busy. But back to the day.I called the lady who offered to press my hair at her request. Her name is Ellie. Like I said she is from Trinidad. She gave me the number of somebody else who can press my hair for a fee here at the hospital; let's hope it works out because my hair is kind of messy and covered in this blue icky grease. I need to wash it tommorow wid herbal essonces" french accent hehehhe I spoke to the lady from the knitting from online and she said she will call me this weekend she is named Bev Russo. I am looking forward to working with her. I will have to pay at least 10 dollars to get the material to work with her she and I worked out. So I have to ask mommy for more money. Plus I was chatting online with Sis. Basner TALMIDIM and she reminded me for my money after not being quick and terse with when I would pay her she said again "HOW are you going to pay me?" and I figured she was getting mad so I quickly told her I will pay her by the end of this month. So I headed up stairs back to the unit and called mommy and secured that she would mail the money to Sis. Basner. I still have to call mommy to make sure she got the paper with Sis. Basner's address that I gave to Hannah to give her. That's the beauty of having a repayee you have to go through them for all the money transactions. It's like mommy is the Bank. Well I'm gonna go and get some rest (now that I have a normal roomate) and the wake up for medecine in like 10 minutes and then go back on the computer probably rest and then probably go to community meeting at 9 p.m. I hope my euphoria lasts. Bye for now. TOOTALOO!!Oh yeah I want to make more beads in TREE tommorow. And speaking of euphoria you know that statement about things are going to good and about things going bad on the other hand...I hope that wont happen...that wont happen.



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