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9:17 a.m. - 2005-02-02
An entry
Mommy was having pain in her chest last night she went to the hospital and the woman doctor said she had probably pulled a muscle. So now mommy said she didn't want to come out to visit me for about 7 days. I think I'll call daddy maybe he can drop off the stuff maybe not. I had been suffering from indigestion and pain down there before I wrote this. But not really any more. Guess what I have a room of my own YES! But not for long the new room mate is coming. I foudn someone to press my hair she is Trinadadian and her husband is Jamaican. I told her my mother is Jamaican at her questioning. But she gave me her number and I am supposed to call her this morning. She has a doc appointment Friday at 10 and a bank appointment at 1 hopefully we will be able to fit something in. She has to bring the supplies because Ihave nothing accept a comb and brush. I found a couple people to help me with knitting. I will be calling these peoples this morning. I have to call mommy and ask her to call the bank to get a bank card for me so I can start ordering things off the internet.Also I have to to ask her where the bills are from Carney and Brighams Hospital so I can tell Hannah where to get them next time she visits me. Very exciting. I will be looking on EBAY today for what kind of stuff they sell to entertain myself.Well I have nothing else really to say accept I haven't called Avi. I will call him if I get change tonight. But he get s in late in seems. Well TOOTALOO! one of my favorite sayings Bye! I'm off to do more web surfing. On a second note I feel like playing video games.



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