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4:09 p.m. - 2005-02-02
Just another entry
I feel like a drag. I want to speak to Avi to add some excitement to my life. I guess the doctor's would say this is part of my"sickness" I say it is the weather. Anyway I hope that I get my dinner get my paper work done, meet up with Hannah, call Avi and get to bed. Like I said I got a new roomate she is calm cool and collected she reminds me of Jackie from church at first I thought it was her but it isn't. I emailed Home Depot about the job application and missing the job Fair on Feb 12. I also emailed the Social Security Office about getting a bank card that would be useable with my checking account holding the money from SSI. Mommy would be in charge of the card because she is my repayee or the person who manages my money. Well I've gotta go and check people's diaries...listen to I check people's diaries....well it is interesting to say the least it informs me too. Like the other day I was reading and I found out about a new digital camera the Niko or something like that. So here I go off into the diary world.



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