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3:57 p.m. - 2005-02-03
Gotta Run
I found out today in an epiphany that it is important to be proud. Pride helps you succeed. I went swimming today and actually swam but had a waist float on my waist. It was SO fun. I am going to learn to swim eventaully.I sent of my applications to Bunker Hill Community College and Roxbury Community College today I gave it to the dark marroon haired secretary on the unit, Jane. I was so happy to finally get them mailed out. I want to do computer science as a major. That will suit me better.
I think I will leave Avi alone for now accept I call him to find out if he is moving so we don't lose touch. I think that I should wait until I am out of the hospital to contact him because he is into doing things. Right now I can't do things with him because I am trapped on a hospital ground and he is all the way in Lexington. If he came here and visited me what would we do, stare at each other? It's not like we would make out or anything like that even though he was trying to hit on me on the bus ride to rhode island. but no no no. Not for now. Anyway I will get my blood testing done tommorow and I am going to fast from Thursday night to Friday morning when the take my blood so that I can get an accurate glucose reading to check if I have diabetes. I feel a bit scared. Dr. MacMillan said he doubts it's diabetes. I feel like I am in the hands of Dr. MacMillan. This place sucks really It has almost given me a heart attack so many times...being tested for this and that.uhh...anyway I think I will go a visit Bjorkdoll's diary to see how she is doing so I can cheer my self up. I am still hoping to get that SNAP camera. I have a plan, I am going to post pictures that I take on the internet once I get my SNAP camera. I am going to learn how it works from galaxy from Here is her picture I want to become friends with her not because she is pretty but because she is Fun...she experiments and goes out she just happens to have a fun life and I ran into her. Maybe I should go find out where she lives and maybe talk to her on the phone and then finally have a nice dinner with her and visit that farm at her place of employment. Mommy is supposed to call the bank tonight about the bank card so YES!! can't wait to start having Hannah purchase things for me on eBAY. Oh on a lighter note. Mommy helped a man who was having a stroke today at the 28 bus stop. She got the bus driver to call the ambulance. Mommy said he was bleeding from his mouth and Hannah said mommy told her that he didnt' know that mommy was with him the whole time that he was getting help from the paramedics. So mommy was a HERO for the day. YAY for mommy!
On another light note Hannah said that Threnshaw the retailer that is helping us find a house found a house for us that is 1500 sq feet and about $310,000.00. A good buy they will be looking at it soon I guess. Well I am going to go diary looking and internet shopping surfing for a while and then go upstairs I think I will take the stairs to get some time alone. It's good to get time alone. And then have dinner. And hop right back on the internet and do some college stuff. Like looking at Bunker Hill Community College's website and other stuff...I have to watch for Nurse Barbara she is strict with what patients look at on the internet. Oh, I haven't heard from Patrice yet. I guess she is busy with school work. Oh well gotta go.



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