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9:41 a.m. - 2005-02-04
I had three slices of pizza this morning much to my pleasure but sadness to my stomach. Anyway I digested it finally. Then I went a got ready for the day and came downstairs to the library only to check my email and find that this YMCA camp I am applying to didn't get my attachments of cover letter and resume. SO I will have to reapply again. Hannah is at clinical mommy and daddy at work I might call Daddy and mommy.

I emailed galaxy rabitt [email protected] asking her to invite me to become a member of gmail a new email service through that let's you actually search all of your emails. I think it is pretty cool. That's why I want it. I have so much stuff I want to do once I get out of here. I feel very motivated. Here is a list of things I



1.I will get out of this hospital and stay consistant on the medecine until I don't have to take it anymore.

2. Go to Bunker Hill Community College for Computer Science

3. Buy stuff online from eBAY

4. Get a job

5.Buy car

6. I will go to FOXWOODS with Avi...such fun!

7. Learn how to knit

8.Buy a digital camera

9.I will move to Florida to complete my degree

10. I will move to California to live on my own or with somebody special or not special and get a good job in computer programming

So those are my goals folks.

That is some of what I have in mind. If I think of something else I will add it.

Just a note the nurses and staff are really nice I'm just noticing that. I have found that living with a sane roomate has given me peace of mind to say the most.

I really like my new roomate her name is Gloria. It's kind of funny because my French teacher in 10th grade was always calling me Gloria and this guy at a previous hospital I'd been at had called me my roomate is named Gloria!

Well I'm off to look at angelfire and check out some of the webby designey links galaxy has on her diary.

Ooh..and I have noticed I get blurry vision...time for hypnosis I did before to clear up my vision. I hope Aunt OMega buys that tape for me on meditation or any other one for that matter...but talking of Aunt Omega, my videoJoan Lunden: Workout America is supposed to arrive to; yeah right arrrive my


. See all the html I'm doing I'm itching to do computer's fun!!! *squeeky voice* anway gotta run I have 15 moreminutes down here. TOOTALOO!!



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