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7:28 p.m. - 2005-02-04
galaxy girl and my familiarity
From GalaxyRabbit's Journa:The problem with me, and Westy will attest to this, is that I grew up very sheltered, very taken care of - too taken care of. I don't know the basics of real life, i.e. how to pay a bill, how to... do anything. I'm knowledgeable in very odd things, like, like I can't even think right now, but things that you don't learn until you're 40. But I don't know most things that you're supposed to know when you're my age. And office work? Give me a break.
I can attest to what GalaxyRabbit just said. I completely aggree. It is like my upbringing left me ignorant. I was always sheltered. That's why I couldn't convince Avram Williams that I wasn't stupid oh well....I feel closer to bjorkdoll now...we are both in rehab.



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