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11:16 a.m. - 2005-02-07
Internet Posting
I'm back. I just came back from a medicine group taught by two of the girl medical students here at Lemuel Shattuck hospital. I'm listening to nightingale by norah jones. I can't wait to start buying things on eBAY. Mommy should get the form for my bank card tommorow. And I will probably get the video soon for Joan Lunden Work Out America. I will start exercising soon. I got some new ideas I decided I want to learn how to speak German and Hebrew and Learn How to Swim and find someone online who has severe social anxiety disorder so much they don't want to leave the house. WIth the German I found a lady from Germany who has moved to the USA about two years ago. With the Hebrew I emailed
my friend Debbie from the 3faithdialogue (She goes to Simmons and is a first year nursing student...same school and major as Hannah...very cool. She said she wouldn't be able to because she just knows the alphabet of the Hebrew tongue. Oh well. As far learning how to swim I got like 5 responses and I will be following up on a few of those that seem like they are going somewhere. And for social anxiety disorder I found someone on psych forum. I hope it goes well. I want to eventually talk to here. I need someone like me who I can talk to and associate with on a basis of having something in common. I think it is a girl.It would be nice to meet her and talk and share SAD (social anxiety disorder) experiences.



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