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9:11 p.m. - 2005-02-08
Good Day/Oh So Lonely
I had an eventful day today. I saw this boy who I think is cute. He's so cuddly. He looks Jewish/Puerto Rican. I feel like I am going to fall asleep. But I went to TREE and I went to Math group at TREE and did conversions and parts. I still can't believe Damien is going to have a baby. That's a big deal for him. Damien is going to be a Father. He is going to have to take up responsibility and stop fooling around. He might have to pay child support unless they get married.
I went on the computer a lot today. I found a lot of jobs. There is this one job with Jacobson's Flowers they offered me since I posted my resume on ...kudos to for helping me. I still have to fill out the application tommorow morning. Oh and guess what? I learned how to cast-on in knitting today on my own by looking at a video for knitting on real player. And I am so excited this nice girl is burning two CDs for me on her computer for $25. She will be sending me an envelope in which I will mail Avi one of the CDs as a Valentine's Day present or just something to knudge him along through his day. I love mommy. I think once your parents start doing things for you that sustain you you understand their value. I want to send galaxy girl a present. I want to make pink beads with yellow stars bracelet. That will match her diary. She is so pretty. She looks like Sandra Bullock. I have to email her again so she catches me...oh yes through gmail which I am SOO excited to have. Well I have to close out now. I am starting to get mild social anxiety disorder. So much I will do. I love you Lord. God is great. When things go good for me it is easier to worship and admire God. That brings to mind, I will convert to Judaism when I leave the hospital. It will be good. Love, Lydia I love Avi...he isn't home now I called the house...probably out socializing. FEBRUARY 9,2005 Wednesday TOMMOROW I heard from the group home lady this morning. Oh my gosh I just spoke with this lady in charge of group homes. I won't move into a group home. I can't. I am going to move home. She was deathly trying to convince me. It wont work I wont move into a group home. Now I feel sad. I will not go to a group home. Just the thought irks me.Uhhh! I heard from the lady who has social anxiety disorder like me. She is so nice. She lives in California. She wants to mail me something. We have gotten to know each other quite well. As much as you can on the internet. Actually pretty good for the internet. I like her alot. I told her in a joking way I want to live with her. She said no. Because she has problems of her own. Her sister takes risperdol. That is a good relationship I am forming with that woman though. Anyway on a lighter and brighter note today at TREE I am going to have fun. I am going to play Norah Jones on the organ and make a bracelet for [email protected] or yellow stars and pink or purplish beads to match her diary. I think her diary is pretty. I feel sad. I think the state is trying to take advantage of me but it wont happen. I have been worrying about different people these few days. Like Naomi I couldn't stop thinking about eithr this morning or last night...even though her husband hates my guts. I couldn't help but think about how she has a baby to take care of. I was worrying about Hannah how she has all this work.Lord please bless her. Oh well I'm going to lunch in the next few minutes. That group home thing will ware off with time soon. Oh, I thought about calling Avi but decided against it I feel like he is maybe upset with me but I know he isn't upset with me. I have hardly spoken to him. Avi isn't upset with me. Oh talking of Jewish people. This jewish guy emailed me online to teach me Hebrew...Hadar...oh well I'll be back on the computer looking at jobs and clothes etc. after lunch. Shalom. -Lydia



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