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8:55 p.m. - 2005-02-09
I am listening and watching NOrah JOnes What am I to you? It's sooo great. It 's heavy. Heavy back beat. Sweet. It's got this mellow guitar and oboe going great!! It's such a loving sexy song!!! SAME DAY AT 8:45p.m. So I went to Tree today and I was able to make a bracelet for galaxyrabbit or galaxy girl as I call her. I have been experiencing so many different smells and everything it is overwhelming. It makes me or made me feel a bit scared. I have been thinking people are out to get me and stuff. But I have been feeling more stable as far as keeping my activities together goes. I saw cute brown haired boy and happy security guard boy today. They both looked cute. So kudos to them. BTW (by the way) I am listening to Nightingale by Norah Jones....great song. Kudos to Norah she is one of the best artists out there now. I sound like a DJ. Oh I called the girl who said she would teach me German she didn't understand me so I will have to find a translation of what I want to say to her in German and call her again. I think her boyfriend answered the phone. Oh well gotta go Privacy not too tight now.



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