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9:16 p.m. - 2005-02-10
Here are some other AVI LETTERS:
Dear Avi,
Shalom. I spoke to you today. You thought I forgot that I met you. I didn't. I couldn't. Sorry to get your hopes up that I would be leaving the hospital. You seemed "suprised". I would be too. But I guess the person I delivered the message to go the wrong message. I just told her to tell you that I would be leaving the hospital soon (not that day)...I didn't communicate to her specifically enough. I meant that I will be leaving the hospital soon meaning the next two months or more. Anyway that's really cool that you got to go to the SuperBowl parade. What part of it did you go to? (Location). Was it noisy? Did you see Tom Brady? He was like on the news all night that night.
That is true what you said about that girl finding another person who she likes. If you like her that would be to bad if she didn't like you and vice versa. But it would be in my favor if you liked me and not her. I feel like I'm writing a paper for school. But don't worry about it.
That was nice of your mom to send you money. My mother dropped off some money for me but it wasn't enough.
:( She gave me $15 dollars and I needed $50. Wasn't her fault though. She couldn't withdraw the money from my social security account because they are still trying to delink my account from her name so I can get a bankcard in my name. I need to pay this person who is burning music for me. I will be getting 2 CD's that have some of my favorite songs on it. I would like to share the other CD with you. I thought you would like it. Tell me what you think about it. As dj's and radio hosts say...some of it is "different". It plays Moby, Ani DiFranco, The Beatles, Norah Jones, Dido and others. It's really really cool. I hope you find at least one you like.
-LydiaNEXT LETTER Dear Avi,
What's up? How have you been? I have been using the computers and going online and knitting, listening to music and doing art in the art studio.How about you? How did you spend your day? Do you like working at Brigham's? What is your favorite part of working. I understand that you don't have the time to write a letter back to me because you are occupied most of the day.
I hope you liked the heart I sent you. I couldn't offored to send it in another envelope because my mother is in charge of my money now. Just see it as a low income Valentine's Day Gift. I get Social Security every month.
I didn't do much today. I went to the program TREE and went on the internet looking for jobs that's about it. I will get a roomate eventually so I can move out of my parents home when I get discharged from the hospital.
In my last letter I told you I will be moving to Florida. That will be after I get an associates degree in computer science at the Bunker Hill Community College. Everyone tells me I am good with computers. I do feel comfortable around computers so I chose to take the Computer Science Major for September 2005 school year. In the mean time I will be working. I have done cashier work so I will work as a cashier. I have been looking at several places for work: Home Depot, Jacobson's Flowers and others. I don't have a degree yet so I can't get a higher paying job yet. That' s why I will only offored a roomate. But I will be at my parents house while looking for work. A woman came today trying to convince me to get into a group home. I said no. I will wait it out at my parents house until I get a job and then get a roomate. I have applied for section 8 housing but that didn't really work out...I forgot what happened. They probably have my application somewhere. I would consider applying and have looked it up on the internet but it is confusing to say the least.
I have good news though, my roomate is new I have a new roomate. I love the room so much more. The air condition is always on. I love that sound. So I sleep a lot better at night. Before my roomate would shout and make noises that I didn't find to comforting. And she said things that I didn't like. Bye



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