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1:17 p.m. - 2005-02-11
ticked off
I don't like staff that don't know what they are doing. It ticks me off. I feel scatterred today and nervous and tired. I can't wait for the weekend when Lee is on duty. She is cool with the computers and the amount of time I spend on them not that it matters anyway.
any way people w/ perfume or no perfume keep on sitting next to me.
But I have been feeling nervouse. I knitted and spoke to bjorkdoll this morning half of the day. I spoke to her about her style and how she makes up her self. She said that she styles her self into differnet I guess ambiguous characters and takes photographs of herself. That is exactley what I will do. Dress up and makeup and take photographs of myself and I will post it online. I have to call Walgreens and ask them if the Kodak CD photographs can be made into jpeg images that can be stored as files and posted on the internet as well. I have to call Walgreens. There number is: (617) 298-3130. All numbers or most numbers in Mattapan are 298.
It's weird I feel different in front of different staff members. It's weird. Some have too much charcater for me. I like the evening staff the day staff is to hyper.
Dr. McMillan had his medecine group today. It was ok. I was struggling to stay awake and not get nervous. What a weird combination. It was about the brain.



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