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7:36 p.m. - 2005-02-12
I've been feeling sucky all day. My roomate doused me saying "how old are you 44?" I've heard that one before. One is different in age according to how they feel and how they are mentally. They can be 10 and be 50 or 50 and be 10 years old. Put a sock in it! That's what I say.
I found a website that has really cool beats. Oh well. I emailed one beat to Priscilla. I can't wait

until Monday. The doctor will give me more privileges. I can't wait to get out of this and this place.
I just thought of this. Avi asked me if I wanted to go to Foxwoods with him Monday. So that must mean he doesn't have work on Monday or can claim Monday as a holiday. I wonder if he could meet me at church one Saturday. What if he likes Priscilla? What if he says that's a girl who knows how to have fun! Am I? Yes, I was dancing at the Valentine's Day Party. I'm out. Bye. Shalom. Todah. Hasta La Vista.
Plus my friend online went to a wedding so I can't talk to her now.



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