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11:41 a.m. - 2005-02-12
Tam memories
What's up? I don't know. I hope that I get out of here soon. The doctor is coming back this week. Pray, pray, pray he gives me privileges to go out. I'm tired of being here every Saturday and Sunday. I think he will just let me out with people who are from my family. I wonder if I will have to go back to church. Oh well. I find it easier to type in here at the computer room for diaryland. I got a picture of that girl online who has social anxiety disorder. She is pretty. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She looks like a white Sis. Angela.
I have subjected myself to getting nervouse often. I am ready to do something else. But I still want to write to you. So I am going to a Valentine's Day party today later on. I am going to wear red pants and red and white top. I'll look shaggy in my black shoes. Ugh! I'm listening to Norah Jones "Love Me": treat me like a fool treat me mean and cruel but love me...ohh yeah..... great song. I realy like it alot. I found some people to scan pictures for me so I can post them online. It's going to turn out good.
I look at my skin and it looks dry and crackly. Oh well. I guess went out today. She didn't update her diary. Her life is kind of crabby too. Like mine.
I spoke to Avi the other day (ok people stop reading now..if anyone one does read this)and he said that he had to take deprico,ridaline and all kinds of medecines. They were telling him he was manic-depressive. He asked me if that's what I had...dummy me said "no","I have bipolar disorder"....(that's the same thing So me and Avi have a lot in common.
Guess what Prince William is growing closer to his girlfriend. Watch them get married. I'm jealouse! JUST KIDDING. That's the royal family. Let their business be their business. In the mean time Prince Charles is getting married to Camilla Parker Bowles and the boys support it 100 % ...yeah right kid me again...they miss their mother. I would. I'm sure Prince William gets lonely up there at St. Andrew's University. But he has that Kim girl who goes there too. So they play tennis and stuff together. I jokingly asked mommy if she thinks me and Prince William would make a good couple she said"Yes" I was like "Yah right".

On a sad note, I was thinking about Tam this morning. How she is gone and dead. So sad. I was thinking about her funeral and how Patrice was there. So sad. Patrice asked if I knew how to get to the school (Boston Latin School) where her shrine was. She gave me a hug and started crying at the funeral. I did too. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad. I want to cry now.



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