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6:46 p.m. - 2005-02-14
Mr. \"I Don't Know\"
I saw the cutest boy today. his name is Mr. I don't know. He has brown curly hair.He is always on the computer at the library. He's my husband. That's what this guy said while he stood to wait for the computers. My knee is irritated and soar..I went down 9 flights of stairs. Daddy and mommy are requoting a house. Hannah has still been studying. Is Patrice mad at me for reading her diary? I spoke to the lady with social anxiety disorder on the computer. I feel like driving so bad. I want to drive fast down the highway. Patrice is going to stay in Nashville after she graduates. Mommy and daddy are going to meet with Dr. Sellers tommorow. Mommy and Daddy are going to buy shoes for me. One of the medical interns made a face at me today. Maybe he doesn't like me. Maybe Avi doesn't like me. Who knows? I don't really want to call him back again after that:" wanna go gamblin with me?...well call me when you get out of the hospital so we can go gamblin..." conversation. Maybe it's a condition. Maybe he's saying not to call him unless I am going to go gamblin with him. Well gotta go.



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