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10:55 a.m. - 2005-03-17
My Short Philosophy
I have been scared. Scared of the sapiens that surround me. And worried about the ability to react right and properly. Scared of the beliefs of others verses mine. I feel scared, uncertain, not so scared anymore. I don't feel as scared anymore. I feel a little more in control but does this mean out of controllness and does it mean that I will not feel scared? I wonder what I will be doing next. I have been thinking there are so many different people and belief systems that it is hard to distinguish between who is who or what to believe. You have to be on your own in what you believe joining other groups is risky. But having that one is not. But being among those who do and operate like you is safer. Being mixed up sucks. And being confused is horrible. Groups of different people cause and caused this. It is better to stay clear minded by living on your own. Then you will distinguish what is crazy...IT'S A GIFT TO BE SIMPLE IT'S A GIFT TO BE FREE



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