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12:30 p.m. - 2005-03-17
Soley Friends
Can't I have friends on my own? Can't I exist in love with an individual withouth sharing it with someone else? Do I have to have friedns
with my family intruding. See this is the case. I want to be friends with Maxwell Simon, Hannah is trying to meet up with me and him
too. I don't think that is a cool idea. I want to be friends with him on my own. How many times must I say this to get the point across
I am a lone individual but having one friend would be helpful to me. I want to be able to have a friend on my own and not have anyone
intrude on the relationship. This happened with Pauline Sakey, my friend from Faulkner Hospital. We were sharing a very nice friendship
a private friendship and my family found out about her and they intruded. They started inviting her to church and come to know she
read the bible so they would pray with her in my presence. I would find this very disrespectful. My uncomfortableness around my family
played out around her as I dismissed her from my presence not because of her but because of my family. So, in closing, I just pray that
I can share a private friendship with Maxwell Simon.




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