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9:36 a.m. - 2005-03-18
I have to add, at times I feel uncomfortable around them (my family) But I have to find things to do that would take me from being in their presence. My latest dream will be to I will bicylce. I will ride my bike (since I will buy one) fast as possible through franklin field park with Max. That is my dream.I want a bike. Then I will go skiing when I get up enough money. I will buy a nice outfit too. But talking about a bike makes me most happy now. I have the abilty to fantasize and put myself through phases. That is what has sustained me. This morning I was in Hawaii via the air condition in my room. Isnt' that cool?! They had some flowers on the television and I just drifted off. Maybe I should tell max about this. IT is better than drugs. Yesterady I was in scotland beacuse I could see the hills and houses on teh hills. Anway here are the purchases I will make
1. I will buy a room w/ roomate
2. I will buy a bike
(that was I will buy a skateboard)
4. I will buy a car
5. I will buy a connector for my gamecube
6. I will buy a laptop computer.

7. I will buy something for MAXWELL SIMON



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